Music Production.

I specialise In taking a musical idea and turning it into a polished Beatport/itunes ready product.


Providing you with a professionally engineered track ready to release or get signed to a label.


You may be an experienced DJ/Producer wanting to raise your profile or someone visiting a studio for the first time. A studio session at Blandystudio will be productive in a relaxed atmosphere with professional results.


Just bring along your ideas and examples of music/style you like. You will be able to channel them through Ian to achieve a quality sounding piece of music.   

Make that dream a reality.  

Ian has 28 years of experience within the Dance Music Industry specialising in Music Production and is on hand to provide any additional artistic input in the way of musical direction, arrangement, riffs, chord progressions, additional sounds and effects.  

Blandystudio is equipped with all the latest cutting edge plugins and Ian is fully up to date with all the current studio techniques.


1-1 DAW Lessons on Ableton , Logic Pro X  from total beginner to advanced 

Advanced production techniques , Sculpting sounds , Applying Effects, Compression ,  setting up working templates

Workflow Techniques

Mixing & Mastering , Arranging a track from start to finish

How to Record Vocals

DJ Lessons  and Performance Lessons

All Custom Tailored to the Genre of music you want to make 

Stem Mixing & Final Mastering 

Ian has 28 years experience in Mixing down tracks and Final Mastering 

Simply send over your stems or project and he will make your track sound Ultra Pro 

Vocal Recording

Vocal Recording service using Neumann TLM103 Mic and High End UAD Processing to make your Vocals Shine !